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Megan Sirianni-Brand

Artist Curator + Sponsorship Liaison




Artist Megan Sirianni-Brand embarked on her voyage out by doing what many creative travellers do: reaching inward early-on for the resources necessary for a life’s journey. Painting and poetry were her mainstay in childhood, leaving behind a paper trail of many folia and volume’s by the time she hit the road at 16. The counsel of her young friend James Breslin(son of newspaperman Jimmy Breslin) was sufficient encouragement for Megan to seek an education in New York City. To meet expenses, she held down the sometimes usual sundry and possible thankless jobs as well as the fast pace movie business that a self-supporting student might or could. But then, the summons came to move beyond the familiar as well as the safe: by 20 Megan had left for Paris,France. It was a curious decision to make, perhaps, for a fledgeling painter living in the time and place of Basquiat and Haring. But the restive unknown was already in her blood,goading her in a direction not indicated by the fashionable  artistic weather-cocks, but from her own instinct.

For Megan, the past–exemplified by the artisan practices found in the Old World– needed to be examined for its own merits of style and usefulness. One senses– in the reverse manner of Gertrude Stein– that Megan has returned among us” to be alone with her [hard won] French.”Her instincts, at any rate, preclude an accidental approach to things: we marvel at mere “happy accidents”; whereas, with La Megan-a credit to well-trained dynamism-hers is a deft hand that turns seeming discombobulation into mutual advantage. Megan began to observe her painting gift not strictly a job but rather in more fundamental relation to the soul. How better to make art of one’s emotional existence than to abstract in subjective color-or, not… that which occurs in the mind heart even just a split second before its squandered in verbalization? When Megan’s conversation turns, for instance, to maxims-frequent and thought provoking ones they are, it;s tempting to

think- a la Balzac: well, there goes a terrific painting. But then, it may be just preliminary sketching, in effect; for, how can one properly prepare the ground for abstraction, except through the concentrated and spontaneous co-mingling of thought and feeling, and thus, by a poetic or philosophic turn of phrase? The artist’s present mastery emanates from such half-concealed places, as well as the spaces in-between. Hidden messages and frank disclosures are to be imagined and discerned among the layers of paint and brushstrokes in all meaningful art; but a living art, like a lively life, is something apprehended in its totality, and cherished……